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Torrent RM Video Cutter ( is a perfect video cutter, RealMedia video cutter to cut RM/RMVB video files into several segments easily and fast. You can easily cut down your favorite RM video clips. Torrent RM Video Cutter is efficient and faster because its unique technique - without re-encoding process. Using Direct Stream Copy Technology, the quality of the target file is same as the RM video source. Torrent RM Video Cutter is also a handy and user-friendly RM video cutter to cut your favorite RM video files. Previewing before the video cut is supported. RM video can be cut accurately by setting start point and end point. 1.Functions: *Real Media Cutter, cut rm, rmvb format video. *Cut rm, rmvb format video without re-encoding process. 2.Features: * Easy to use A beginner- friendly RM Video Cutter, with simple control panel. * Fast RM cutting speed Torrent RM Video Cutter has a faster processing speed. Using a unique technology, the video cutting process will only take 1/3 time compared with normal RM video cutters. * Zero-loss in RM video quality RM file format will be retained after video cutting process. 3.Requirements: *Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later runtime [Download Here] *Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista 4. What is RM? A streaming technology developed by RealNetworks for transmitting live video over the Internet. RealVideo uses a variety of data compression techniques and works with both normal IP connections as well as IP Multicast connections.

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